ICEA Program

Inside Construction Electrician Apprentice Program

To succeed in this program one must have good math skills, mechanical ability and be prepared to work in all sorts of conditions. These conditions may include: hot and cold weather, dusty, dirty and/or noisy conditions, as well as clean, bright quiet locations. An electrician must be able to work with other people, such as owners, architects, other trades people as well as your own crew. You must be able to work off of ladders and scaffolds of various heights and also may be required to work in manholes, crawlspaces and attics or other confined spaces. The work can be hazardous and physically demanding but if you work with safety in mind and follow safety guidelines you can have a happy healthy career.

The inside electrician is called on to install light and power wiring in a variety of occupancies such as power plants, factories, hospitals, schools, retail stores etc. You may install telecommunication wiring of various types, connect or repair air conditioning units, industrial machinery, faulty wiring, fuses and circuit breakers, motors and associated equipment and do preventative maintenance. Inside electricians work with specifications and blueprints and must follow the National Electrical Code and other Local or State building codes. You will also Rolex replica need to be able to read and understand written and verbal directions and warnings in English. The nature of the business also requires that you have a valid drivers license and reliable transportation to and from work sites and school.

Some of the many tools you will be required to use are various sizes and types of screwdrivers, hammers, hacksaws, pliers, knives, power tools, rulers and a variety of test equipment: ammeters, voltmeters, voltage testers, etc.